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Applied Info Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Email and Database Marketing Services Firm First to Use PC Networks

Kenilworth, NJ — Launched in 1988 during the era of mainframe computers, Applied Info Group was the first direct mail service bureau at the time to process lists through a distributed network of PC computers. This year, the firm celebrated its 20th year in business and has remained ahead of the technological curve with web-based offerings driven by innovative software programs.

Today Applied Info Group is a full service email and database services firm specializing in building and maintaining multi-channel databases, conducting email marketing campaigns, and providing data processing services.

"It's an exciting milestone," says Mitchell Rubin, President. "I'd like to thank all of our innovative clients, without whom we would not be able to develop the industry-leading technologies that set our firm apart. Flexibility is the cornerstone of our technology. We take a can-do approach to every situation every day.

Asked the driving force behind his private company's success, Rubin responds, "In a word? Service. Service means everything in this business. As good as our products and technology are, it has always come down to providing knowledgeable service and solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client."

Many of Applied Info Group clients fully agree as they congratulated the company's milestone. Maurice Persiani, VP Circulation & Audience Development, McGraw Hill said "Applied Info Group's service and flexibility, combined with a responsive and reliable team, has proven to be an excellent partner for us. Congratulations on your first twenty years!"

Rob Sanchez, President, List Management and Interactive Services, MeritDirect, commented, "On behalf of everyone at MeritDirect, we want to congratulate Applied Info Group on their twenty year anniversary. Applied Info Group has been a strong strategic partner over the years. Their emphasis on providing great customer service as well as state of the art technology, has impressed both us and our clients."

George Kowal, Manager Custom Sales, Thomson Reuters remarked, "We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Applied Info Group over the past 8 years. They have assisted us in not only meeting, but exceeding our customer needs and provided exemplary customer service. Because of their products and support, we have been able to increase revenue due to the fact that our clients were extremely satisfied. Our congratulations on their 20th anniversary and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them."

Rubin also attributes the firm's success to the employees. "I've had the opportunity to work with an incredibly bright group of people over the years, most of whom enjoy an average tenure of at least ten years," he says. "In addition to their direct marketing and technical prowess, they are passionate about the quality of our products and services. This shows in the relationships that they build with our clients."

When he launched Applied Info Group, Rubin and his team of software developers were firm believers in Moore's Law, the theory that computer processing would continue to increase exponentially. They envisioned that PC servers could replace mainframes and be capable of processing hundreds-of-millions of records on a network. The rest is history as Applied Info Group now maintains such large multichannel databases for national brand name marketers and publishers including Forbes, Dannon, McGraw Hill, Smithsonian, Thomson Reuters, BusinessWeek and hundreds of others.

Looking forward, Rubin says, "It's a very exciting time because of the convergence of multichannel communications. Thus far, we've been able to take advantage of that and expand the role of database marketing to additional media avenues."

As with the PC platform, Applied Info Group was an early adopter of Internet opportunities and developed online database hosting and email marketing technologies. The company was among the first to combine postal, email, and internet data into single databases for seamless multichannel marketing campaigns. Now conducting email marketing programs for its clients for over 13 years, Applied Info Group remains one of the few service providers allowing marketers to build and maintain integrated multichannel databases, which they can access online in real time.

For more information about Applied Info Group, contact Mitchell Rubin, President, at (908) 241-7007. Visit www.appliedinfogroup.com to learn more.