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Email Marketing - Guidelines and Procedures

The following procedures are guidelines for how to be compliant with the "Can Spam Act of 2003". Applied Info Group and its employees will be compliant with the "Can Spam Act". Applied Info Group maintains the highest standards that will exceed the requirements of the "Can Spam Act". We have incorporated the new changes in the new law with our current procedures for sending out email.

Requirements for commercial email as per "Can Spam Act of 2003"

Each message must have a "clear and conspicuous" notice of opportunity to decline to receive further commercial email messages from the sender.
Each message must contain a functioning return email address. It must also contain an Internet based mechanism that is clearly and conspicuously displayed that recipients can use to request not to receive future advertisements or promotions. This Internet based mechanism must be capable of receiving such messages for at least 30 days after the transmission of the original message. The sender of the message may not send subsequent advertisements or promotions more than 10 business days after the request from any recipient to be removed from the future commercial email communications. If the recipient has requested not to receive further advertisements or promotions, the sender may not request, sell, lease, exchange or otherwise transfer or release that email address of the recipient.
Clear and conspicuous identification that the email is an advertisement or solicitation. The sender of the email is responsible for determining how to indicate that the message is a solicitation (i.e, there is no requirement to include any specific language, such as "this is an advertisement", or any labeling, such as "ADV" in the subject line. However, if the recipient has provided affirmative consent to receive the message, then this identification is not required.
A valid physical postal address of the sender. A post-office box (PO Box) or mail-drop does not suffice. The physical address must be somewhere that the consumer can physically find the sender or their employees.

Procedures for commercial email:

Applied Info Group does not allow any commercial email involving pornographic content. Material of "questionable" content will be reviewed by and approved by management before it is submitted for testing.
Applied Info Group will only send out email to recipients who have been properly qualified to receive such material. All recipients must have a permission based relationship with their recipients. The list owner will be asked to demonstrate this. An additional pre-qualification is recommended and may be required based on the collection methods. Collection methods are subject to review by management to determine the validity of the collection mechanism, and whether additional prequalification is necessary.
Each message should contain a header and footer approved by the client. The header should be clear and conspicuous about the sender of the message and the intent of the message. The footer should contain a valid mechanism for removal from the senders (mailers) list, which needs to be tested prior to the delivery of each campaign. Additionally each footer should contain a valid physical postal address of the sender (mailer) of the message.
Each message must contain a functioning opt-out link to the senders (mailers) site as well as the List Owners opt-out. The sender (mailer) will bear the responsibility for collection of opt-outs from mailings they initiate and the List Owner must collect the opt-outs from third party mailings. Applied Info Group's internal opt-out link will automatically remove someone from that list and will be operational for a minimum of 30 days after the campaign is completed.
Each From address must be the name of a valid sender (mailer) or company, no vanity from alias's will be sent (i.e. - Special Offers, Great Deals, etc.)
Each campaign must be accompanied by the sender (mailers) email suppression list. This suppression file will be used to remove any records that would be sent during the sender's campaign. This file will not be used for any other purpose.
Every internal list order will be run within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery of each list to ensure that the current permission status is selected for each record.
Every external list received must contain geography for each record to ensure that no email address from countries that have legislation against receiving commercial email. If geography is not available, the client must sign a release stating that the addresses are only from the US or other valid countries.
Each campaign will be tested through our email filters to determine if the message is being caught by email filters. The client will be notified to make the appropriate changes to the copy before it can be sent out. All campaigns must be approved by the client prior to sending.


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