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Applied Information Group Raises Email Service Bureau Standards with HTML Messaging and On-Line Campaign Tracking

By Mitchell Rubin, President, Applied Info Group, Inc.

Applied Information Group continues to set the pace for direct marketers implementing email marketing techniques. The veteran computer service bureau announces the addition of two new email service upgrades:

Applied Info Group now gives direct marketers the attractive ability to send HTML pictures in the body of each email message. Product shots, line art, starbursts, graphics, large type, and animated moving images can be sent to recipients greater impact. Applied Info Group's new e-marketing software programs determine whether each addressed message should display HTML pictures or text eliminating the extra time and inconvenience of sniffer programs.

"It's a fact," notes Mitchell Rubin, Applied Info Group president, "that the elements of color and imagery increase response rates in print. This is especially true in Web environment where graphics generate greatly increased click-throughs."

The state-of-the-art e-bureau also added the ability for direct e-marketers to track each campaign at the Applied Info Group web site, Marketers can visit the site and download reports that measure response (click through rates) as they appear. "The figures literally change before your eyes," note Rubin.

Applied Info Group builds and maintains email databases, fulfills email files, conducts merge/purge for email lists, and delivers email messages to email address files. The list service bureau also fulfills on-line requests as well as receives, tracks, and reports responses.

"E-marketing is becoming an essential element of most direct marketing campaigns," says Rubin. "Providing computer email services is a natural extension of our traditional list service bureau offering."

According to Rubin, direct marketers are using email in a number of ways to complement direct mail activity. Software companies, for example, send email notices for upgrades. Similarly, publishers are sending email notices for subscriptions and renewals. Catalogers can boost orders by sending email messages alerting customers that their next catalog will arrive shortly from which they can take advantage of a special offer. And now marketers with web sites can drive traffic to their sites with email messages containing HTML.

Much like traditional mailing list services, Applied Info Group standardizes email lists to ensure that all elements of each record are organized properly. Applied Info Group's email processing software program looks at each record to verify a user name and a deliverable domain name. Then it matches files to permission based lists. Additionally, Applied Info Group can conduct an permission based campaign for a new database where the customers have not had a chance to get their permission. Applied Info Group also matches email lists to postal address files for tandem marketing programs.

Prior to delivering email, Applied Info Group formats the message, incorporating links to a web site or a response mechanism giving recipients options to respond positively or permission based of future promotions. Messages can even include a microsite with an electronic direct response offer. The program handles on-line information fulfillment requests by automatically sending requested information upon receipt of a positive response.

"The beauty of e-marketing is that within hours after sending email messages, marketers can look at a report detailing the responses, ranked according to list source and segment," Rubin points out. "Campaigns can be adjusted on the fly rather than waiting the few months necessary to evaluate postal campaigns."

Rubin also noted that mailers appreciate the security that comes by placing email processing with a DMA-member list service bureau that abides by industry guidelines for ethical list usage. Such service bureaus are already entrusted with data belonging to the most respected mailers in direct marketing and can be trusted not to abuse email files.

Applied Information Group has served direct marketers as a PC-based, state-of-the-art computer service bureau since 1988. The firm also handles mailing list fulfillment, merge/purge, database development, analysis and modeling, data warehousing, and list enhancement.

For more information on Applied Info Group's database and email marketing service capabilities, please contact Mitch Rubin, President of Applied Info Group at (908) 241-7007. Visit to learn more.