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Onlien Services Overview
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• Access all statistics for each email campaign.
• View etracker summarize report which is a real time response analysis for all clicks and opens.
  It compares campaign results to selected database characteristics to develop a profile of the responders.
• Review creative to visualize where the clicks are on each creative version.
• Obtain reports and charts for all key reporting items and client specific reporting items.
• Observe campaign status to approve orders.
• Obtain customized reports for submits, surveys, and other client specific page activity.
• Select records from database to download and export into your own program for analytical purposes.
• Download reports into spreadsheet formats.


• Enter all information for an email campaign on website to be loaded into delivery system. You can do
  this to provide us the data to send or to send it yourself
• Upload creative and data files into easy to use interface
• Copy previous campaign set-up or enter a new campaign. We minimize the set-up steps based on
  learning your set-up parameters for each campaign
• Set up and review creative and link tracking
• Test your campaign and then send at any time that you schedule in the interface

ECS makes campaign delivery a breeze.


List Brokers and Mailers can now obtain immediate data processing updates for merge purges and generate
up-to-the-minute reports with our List Updater tool.

• Verify receipt of lists for processing
• Ensure that counts are correct prior to the merge
• Determine if campaign has been shipped
• View and approve merge purge, key code, finder, and postage reports
• Review campaign history for all merge purge reports including duplicate matrix
• Run keycode matrix, NCOA report, and profile reports
• Note new quantities from additional files or suppression files
• If a mailer employs more than one broker, the List Updater shows only the data pertaining to each
   individual broker or mailer
• Select a shipping tracking number and hyperlink right into the delivery service's parcel tracking website


List Owners and Managers can now obtain immediate list usages and shipping data via the Internet.

• Maintain an order log for list orders which have been issued
• Receive current shipping information and order status
• Obtain order history and billing
• Ship and fulfill orders
• Release orders and approve counts
• Track order history by a variety of client stated reporting items
• Easily import all reports into spreadsheet formats