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Join our clients who have realized the benefits of having the leading PC-powered service bureau provide them with their database marketing solutions. Whether you are interested in database development, merge purge, modeling, list fulfillment and enhancement, or our latest services like bulk email delivery, you'll get quicker results with greater accuracy and reliability than ever before. Plus, our network's massive on-line storage capability allows for greater flexibility to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You'll enjoy working with people who not only understand complex computer functions, but your marketing objectives as well. You'll find that your Applied Info Group contacts are well-versed in direct marketing principles as well as pacesetting computer technology.

Quicker Access to Data
Gain access to your data instantly, any time of the day. Whether you need quick counts or reports or want to see if a file has been received or shipped, we give you instant access to your data at our web site or through our on-line count and ordering system.

More Flexibility
Make an unlimited number of inquiries and changes on demand, in real time. Database changes and updates can be made quickly and more cost effectively. Custom requirements and specifications are easily implemented.

Faster Processing

With a sophisticated distributed processing system, we process dozens of jobs simultaneously. Therefore your job will not get delayed in a production queue.

Better Software

We develop and market our own software which enables us to build in enhancements and customize software to meet your unique requirements. We are constantly improving and updating our software and hardware to better serve you.

Easier to Share Information

Hard disk storage is less expensive and enables all data for current jobs to be stored on-line in real time. As well, we can receive and send most formats.

We prefer to transfer via email and FTP files which enable us to meet tight deadlines and save you costly tape and shipping charges.