Client was looking to develop a single-sourced multi-channel database.

To cost effectively develop a unified database platform for postal and email marketing efforts.

• Analyze each data source
• Create database design through
• Improve creative to be concise and
  response driven
• Normalize and process data hygiene
• Develop database categories,
  masterfiles and enhancement files
• Combine multi-source data such as
  magazine subscriptions, email
  newsletters, event attendees, and
  product purchasers

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.

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Understanding your list's intrinsic qualities is our specialty. We work closely with your marketing and technical departments to transform your list into a relational database reflecting all data unique to your company.

Database development includes multiple sources, a variety of input formats, and unique data elements for each file. All records and fields in the database are selectable for on-going campaign tracking, analysis, or list fulfillment.

Upon receipt of your data, we reformat and categorize the data prior to analyzing and standardizing each data element. Vast resources of data can then be used to append and update names, addresses, telephone numbers, demographic, geographic, and lifestyle information, and any other data integral to your database's performance. Multi-buyers are tagged, purchase histories maintained, specific campaigns tracked, and standard reports generated.

Your resulting database will then exist securely on-line with access to information literally on demand. You can access it with our on line count system, WebOTISâ„¢. The count system is quite prolific and will enable you to perform a wide range of queries on your database. You can perform a response analysis on any campaign. As well, you can run profiles of your customers based on their demographic and psychographic profiles.

By implementing a database marketing program, you will have the tools to gain greater knowledge of your customers by allowing you to maintain promotional history, append demographic data, conduct modeling and scoring and develop lifetime value analysis. Using our vast knowledge and experience in this area, we will provide you with a three dimensional look at your customer data.