Client was looking to develop a single-sourced multi-channel database.

To cost effectively develop a unified database platform for postal and email marketing efforts.

• Analyze each data source
• Create database design through
• Improve creative to be concise and
  response driven
• Normalize and process data hygiene
• Develop database categories,
  masterfiles and enhancement files
• Combine multi-source data such as
  magazine subscriptions, email
  newsletters, event attendees, and
  product purchasers

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.

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While the objective is to identify and eliminate duplicates and non-deliverables in the merge/purge process, we place our primary emphasis on data normalization and standardization. Therefore, every record we input into your merge is placed through a stringent series of data preparation processes. These steps help identify more bad addresses and names while improving the overall addressability, deliverability, and ultimately, responsiveness of the names. Our proprietary software outperforms other systems to save you as much time and expense as possible by delivering a clean list, optimized for each mailing.

Flexible, client-driven merge/purge services include:

• CASS Certified - Address Standardization and Correction of addresses ranked by deliverability
• US and Canadian NCOA processing
• DSF or LACS Processing
• Developed proprietary merge purge system to maximize good matches and minimize false positives
• Individual, Household, Business, Canadian, Foreign and Address Level Merges
• Customized matching algorithms and any combination or variation of parameters
• Advanced data hygiene system that is proven to increase response rates
• Multi-layered merge purge process to capture various address matching variations
• Custom data processing to achieve any specific merge purge goal
• Thorough and customizable output reports
• PAVE Certified Presorting & Postal Optimization
• Prioritization and/or random allocation of list and suppression files
• Key coding, List Seeding and List Splitting
• Track promotional history so it can be used to determine campaign and customer performance
• Previous mail matching on various levels
• Response Analysis and Model Preparation and Application
• Canadian Address Standardization and Presorting
• Interrogation of each record on input files to determine that all data including the name, address and
  company information are valid
• Retention of Multi-hits
• DMA, Prison and CDMA Suppression
• Deceased File Processing
• Bar Coding for Automation Discounts
• Finder Tapes
• Zip Modeling
• Zip Tape Application