Client Case Study
Seminar marketer could not manage and measure their email campaigns.

To improve deliverability and response for seminar marketer's email efforts.

• Analyze their email program
• Develop mechanism to accurately remove undeliverables
• Improve creative to be concise and response driven
• Create preference page to manage and offer options
• Provide real-time measurement of campaign results
• Install dynamic personalization to capture respondent information
• Implement analytical profiles on each campaign

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.
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Campaign Analysis
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After sending an email campaign, you can immediately review reports detailing a response analysis that compares customer characteristics with click and open data. This provides you with a true profile of your customers and responses, enabling you to adjust follow-up campaigns quickly. You can also determine the profile of all people who have responded to programs over several campaigns and time frames so you obtain a holistic picture of your clients and their interactions with your programs.

Our analysts can examine Internet tracking trends that help you spot opportunities to cross-sell other products and services. This data is also critical if you view the database as a source of revenue. The more information about an email address that a data provider reveals, the more value it has to you and your outside users.

During the tracking process, we can capture specific attributes, which can be utilized for database marketing purposes. You will be able to keep track and tabulate responses for any email campaign.

Track each campaign's results at the Applied Info Group website. Track responses by click through and opens by specific name and address. Then download these reports that measure responses as they appear in real time. You are then able to develop a real time response analysis report of the clicks and opens of your campaign on the basis of the results of the campaign.

Measure the entire click stream for your campaign, web site, or mini-site that we host. This will enable you to measure the results of your marketing campaigns in addition to customer activity on your site so you know what is working and what is not. We will supply the results in easy to understand reports.