Client Case Study
Seminar marketer could not manage and measure their email campaigns.

To improve deliverability and response for seminar marketer's email efforts.

• Analyze their email program
• Develop mechanism to accurately remove undeliverables
• Improve creative to be concise and response driven
• Create preference page to manage and offer options
• Provide real-time measurement of campaign results
• Install dynamic personalization to capture respondent information
• Implement analytical profiles on each campaign

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.
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Collecting customer data through interactive strategies allows you to send email offers based on any criteria. Should you use several sources of email list providers, our Response Central™ program will keep track of it all for you. Maintaining and enhancing your reputation is our primary objective. By employing strategies to sustain that reputation, we take a proactive approach to the process. Watching the frequencies of customer touches as well as the relevancy of the message are key components to any delivery strategy.

Enhanced tools enable you to improve on deliverability, manage your reputation with the ISPs, maintain whitelist and feedback loops, view real time analysis of blocks, and incorporate authentication in each campaign. Our proprietary bounce management system allows us to maintain clean databases.

Our bounce management system was developed by us to manage all bounces and replies in an automated fashion so bounces are automatically updated in the client's database. This ensures that your lists are maintained and are up to date no matter how the responses come in.

By testing each message through our email filter tools, we can determine the likelihood of you having your creative caught by email filters and we will make specific recommendations on how you can change your copy to avoid the filters. Each campaign generates a deliverability report that shows the deliverability to top domains and major ISPs.

Messages can even include a micro-site with an electronic direct response offer. We can develop and host combinations of web based forms that support large scale campaigns to provide users with the feel that they are coming to your web site. We will automatically update your database with the information that is collected on these sites. This provides you with the flexibility to develop a new marketing program quickly without having to change your web site or incur large web development charges. The program handles on-line information fulfillment requests automatically by sending requested information upon receipt of a positive response.