Client Case Study
Seminar marketer could not manage and measure their email campaigns.

To improve deliverability and response for seminar marketer's email efforts.

• Analyze their email program
• Develop mechanism to accurately remove undeliverables
• Improve creative to be concise and response driven
• Create preference page to manage and offer options
• Provide real-time measurement of campaign results
• Install dynamic personalization to capture respondent information
• Implement analytical profiles on each campaign

Revenue increased, complaints were virtually eliminated, deliverability increased significantly, and tracking and profiling of respondents was implemented.

Evolve Your Database
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Applied Info Group is the one place you can easily integrate email marketing, database development, and complex email campaign execution.

Direct marketers who take a symbiotic approach to postal and email marketing through transaction-based activities can also take their customer relationships and ROI to a higher level.

With a centralized, multi-sourced database, emarketers can communicate and exchange information with each individual in a personalized and immediate fashion. The continual process of data collection through customer interaction facilitates the ability to significantly improve your marketing database.

By integrating promotional history, response history, email data, postal data, and purchase history in a single database platform, we can provide you with a 360 degree view of your customer. You can run online queries yourself to obtain mission critical data in a timely manner to drive real time decisions. We can also assist by developing recurring reports and counts that provide executive summary and detail level data to be used as decision support tools. After utilizing our real time customer profile tool, you will be provided with key information on a campaign, product, or response analysis, with in depth information on all components you need to reference.

Applied Info Group updates your database daily and makes it available for online queries. We can develop APIs to drive information from your site into our system and back. Therefore, data from a variety of dissimilar sources can be synchronized into your database. You can also specify how you want to send the data, without having to re-write your systems to fit ours. We can develop event triggers or database triggers based on these interactions to start ongoing conversations with your customers based on their interactions with you. You can choose to download survey or transactional responses yourself or have them sent automatically.